The Results of the 8th Maxximum Open, Slovenia

Maja Kozina (Croatia) – Overall Women’s Bikini, Roberto Burić (Croatia) – Overall Men’s Physique, Simon Plajnšek (Slovenia) – Overall Men’s Classic Bodybuilding and Marko Petričević (Croatia) – Overall Men’s Bodybuilding are the four overall winners of the 8th International Competition Maxximum Open (held under IFBB rules) which took place on Sunday, October 20th 2019, in Maribor, Slovenia.

Overall Winners With Gasper Grom - Maxximum Open 2019

Overall Winners With Gasper Grom – Maxximum Open 2019. Photo: Matic Lipar

The competition, organized by the IFBB Bodybuilding Association of Slovenia and the company Maksimum d.o.o., presented a real bodybuilding and fitness holiday and an attraction for numerous visitors. The international board of judges did an excellent job in selecting the best in all of the 16 categories and overall competitions.


  • Junior Men’s Bodybuilding : Dominik Kranjac (Croatia)
  • Masters Men’s: Marijan Mesec (Croatia)
  • Women’s Bodyfitness: Roberta Bažulj (Croatia)
  • Women’s Wellness Fitness: Anamaria Putarek (Slovenia)
  • Men’s Classic Bodybuilding SHORT: Vilim Puclin (Croatia)
  • Men’s Classic Bodybuilding TALL: Simon Plajnšek (Slovenia)
  • Men’s Bodybuilding up to & including 90: Željko Kovačević (Croatia)
  • Men’s Bodybuilding over 90kg: Marko Petričević (Croatia)
  • Junior Men’s Physique: Gregor Bolčina (Slovenia)
  • Men’s Physique SHORT: Roberto Burić (Croatia)
  • Men’s Physique MEDIUM: Egzon Thaqi (Kosovo)
  • Men’s Physique TALL: Sandi Oprešnik (Slovenia)
  • Junior Women’s Bikini: Maruša Novak (Slovenia)
  • Masters Women’s Bikini: Natalia Andronova (Croatia)
  • Women’s Bikini SHORT: Maja Kozina (Croatia)
  • Women’s Bikini TALL: Isabelle Voschion (Croatia)
  • Overall Men’s Classic Bodybuilding: Simon Plajnšek (Slovenia)
  • Overall Men’s Bodybuilding: Marko Petričević (Croatia)
  • Overall Men’s Physique: Roberto Burić (Croatia)
  • Overall Women’s Bikini: Maja Kozina (Croatia)

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