The Results are in for the 7th Maxximum Open, Slovenia

Ivana Šušković-Mihiček (Women Bikini Fitness), Sandi Oprešnik (Men’s Physique), Simon Plajnšek (Men’s Classic Bodybuilding) and Darko Knezović (Men’s Bodybuilding) won the overall competition at 7th International Competition Maxximum Open which took place on Sunday, November 25th 2016, in Maribor, Slovenia.

Brilliantly and smoothly organized event attracted numerous visitors, who witnessed an excellent line-up of competitors from Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Croatia. The international board of judges did an excellent job in selecting the best in all of the 16 categories and overall competitions.

The competition was organized by the IFBB Bodybuilding Association of Slovenia and the company Maksimum d.o.o.


Men NEWCOMER: Aleš Čebin
Junior Men’s Classic Bodybuilding: Vito Kregar
Masters Men: Nikola Demo
Junior Men’s Physique SHORT: Nikola Poljanec
Junior Men’s Physique TALL: Damir Hajrić
Women’s Bodyfitness: Anita Blažević
Junior Women’s Bikini: Matea Kožić
Master Women’s Bikini: Ivana Šušković-Mihiček
Men’s Classic Bodybuilding SHORT: Davorin Kejžar
Men’s Classic Bodybuilding TALL: Simon Plajnšek
Men’s Bodybuilding up to 90 kg: Darko Knezović
Men’s Bodybuilding over 90 kg: Gregor Schöberl
Men’s Physique SHORT: Aljaž Danji
Men’s Physique TALL: Sandi Oprešnik
Women’s Bikini SHORT: Ivana Šušković-Mihiček
Women’s Bikini TALL: Timea Nagy

OVERALL Women’s Bikini: Ivana Šušković-Mihiček

OVERALL Men’s Physique: Sandi Oprešnik

OVERALL Men’s Classic Bodybuilding: Simon Plajnšek

OVERALL Men’s Bodybuilding: Darko Knezović

Maxximum OPEN 2018 OVERALL Winners